Established in 2011, Bent Sheetmetal is a Brisbane-based, Australian owned manufacturer of metal rainwater, flashing and gutter solutions.

We are the market leader in the sheet metal industry and have earned a reputation for providing high quality products with the fastest turnaround times.

Our priority is delivering the best customer service, and we operate 24 hours a day 5 days a week to ensure that all requests and orders are manufactured and delivered to site within required timeframes.

With a team of experts that have over 50 years of experience, local knowledge and a network of suppliers, you can trust that we will recommend and deliver the best solution for your project.


To ensure Bent Sheetmetal customers receive the best quality products, we offer the most durable and longest lasting steel materials which are sourced from various trusted suppliers.

Ausdeck’s CERAM-A-COAT, our proprietary resin formulation, provides the backbone of this revolutionary coating system. It is combined with select ceramic and inorganic pigments which are proven to be the most resistant to fade. The result is a coating that provides the highest durability, consistency, and colour stability. In addition it offers excellent resistance to stain, scratch and abrasion. The combination of durability, toughness, flexibility, colour retention and a 15 year warranty makes CERAM-A-COAT an excellent choice for residential, agricultural and commercial applications.

ColorCote® MagnaFlow™ takes standard zinc/aluminium alloy-coated steel substrate to the next level with the addition of magnesium. This enables the zinc to ‘flow’ which seals the cut edges and prevents exposure to premature corrosion. This makes it an ideal material for harsher environments and for those located near the coast.

Bluescope Zincalume® steel introduces magnesium into the aluminium-zinc alloy coating, improving galvanic protection by activating the aluminium. The result is a tougher protective coating that is more resistant to scratches and scuffs that can occur during construction.

BlueScope’s Galvanised Steel has also been specifically designed and manufactured to the highest standards so you can have the confidence your finished goods will perform as expected.


Bent Sheetmetal operates a fleet of modern trucks which service these areas daily.

Our efficient transport fleet operates 5 days a week to ensure that our products are manufactured and delivered to our customers on time.

  • Brisbane
  • Redland City
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Toowoomba
  • Gold Coast
  • Scenic Rim
  • Ipswich
  • Somerset Region
  • Logan
  • Lockyer Valley
  • Moreton Bay Region
  • Another one


We offer an industry-leading 15 year manufacturer warranty on every product that we manufacture.

To find out more about our warranty or to obtain a copy of our warranty eligibility terms and conditions, please contact Bent Sheetmetal on +61 7 3719 1000.


Off White (Surf Mist®) 0.55 1.00 1.20
Smooth Cream(Clasic Cream®) 0.55
Merino(Paperbark®) 0.55
Caulfield Green(Cottage Green®) 0.55
Heritage Red (Manor Red®) 0.55
Mountain Blue (Deep Ocean®) 0.55
Mist Green (Pale Eucalypt®) 0.55
Slate Grey (Woodland Grey®) 0.55
Iron Grey (Ironstone®) 0.55
Basal (Basalt®) 0.55
Coventry (Cove®) 0.55
Birch (Dune®) 0.55
Dusk (Evening Haze®) 0.55
Gulf (Gully®) 0.55
Jasmin (Jasper®) 0.55
Manteal (Mangrove®) 0.55
Monolith (Monument®) 0.55
Territory (Terrain®) 0.55
Wallaroo (Wallaby®) 0.55
Armour Grey (Windspray®) 0.55
Gull Grey (Shale Grey®) 0.55
Thredbo White 80% Gloss 1.00
Primrose 80% Gloss 1.00
Merino 80% Gloss 1.00
Ebony 80% Gloss 1.00
Surf Mist® 0.55
Evening Haze® 0.55
Dune® 0.55
Windspray® 0.55
Gully® 0.55
Monument® 0.55
Jasper® 0.55
Basalt® 0.55
Classic Cream® 0.55
Wallaby® 0.55
Shale Grey® 0.55
Basalt® 0.55
Dune® 0.55
Monument® 0.55
Shale Grey® 0.55
Surf Mist® 0.55
Birch (Dune®) 0.55
Wallaroo (Wallaby®) 0.55
Monolith (Monument®) 0.55
Armour Grey (Windspray®) 0.55
Slate Grey (Woodland Grey®) 0.55
Off White (Surf Mist®) 0.55
Aries™ 0.55
Cosmic™ 0.55
Astro™ 0.55
Galactic™ 0.55
Celestain™ 0.55
Rhea™ 0.55
Bluescope Galvabond 1.50 1.90 3.00
Bluescope Zincalume® 0.55 1.00 1.20
304 2B 0.55 1.00 1.20 1.50 1.90 3.00
316 #4 0.55 1.00 1.20 1.50 1.90 3.00
® indicates trademarks owned by BlueScope Steel Limited. There is no connection between BlueScope Steel Limited and the Ausdeck Group. Although there may be some difference in formulations, we believe that the colours of the Ausdeck Group products are the same as the colours of the BlueScope Steel Limited products and have included the reference to the BlueScope Steel Limited products for comparative and illustrative purposes only.

Get bent.

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